18 July 2010


Bit delayed but I've joined foursquare-! It's getting addictive, although I probably look more anti-social than usual as I get my phone out as soon as I get seated at a table to "check-in". However it's good that I can keep track of the places I've been to. Here are some pics of food that I've eaten during the week!

Softshell crab salad from Thanh Binh (111 King Street, Newtown). Always order this everytime I go there! Delicious!

Rocket salad (with pears, walnuts, parmesan, and white balsamic dressing) from Gecko Cafe (Shop 18, Grande Pde, Brighton Le Sands). I actually ate so much on the day so I wanted to eat a light dinner. I chose a rocket salad, and it was actually filling! It was a fairly large sized dish so I couldn't finish it. It looks so healthy doesn't it? :D

Nutella Calzone from Gecko Cafe. Soooo... I wasn't planning on eating a lot but I'm the type of person who HAS to eat dessert to finish any meal. I shared this dish with a friend and we both couldn't finish it. It's the size of a huge pide! Massive! and full of melted nutella spread. Sooo yummy.

I should really start taking my digital camera with me so that I can take proper pictures! Sorry for the bad quality iphone photos. :(

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