19 July 2010

my future house

'minimalist house' by japanese firm shinichi ogawa & associates is a 102 m2 single storey residence in itoman-shi, okinawa, japan. true to its name, the house is built and laid out using a simple grid system that divides the space in to three living quarters: one-third of the plot (18m x 3m) is dedicated to a courtyard, another third is reserved for the bedroom, living, and dining area, and the last third houses the study room, powder room, kitchen and entrance. each program is laid out in a single line arrangement to make use of the long and narrow plot. a functional wall unit which holds a variety of services such as a washroom, shower and closet is the only formal divider in the house. the intent of the design and layout is to minimize on the division of space as well as to create a lifestyle that is minimal and flexible.

source: Designboom

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