19 September 2010

surry hills pt.1

My friend Bonnie has a photography assignment, based on Surry Hills so on Saturday, Mika and I tagged along and kept her company. We visited a small bike shop called Tokyo Bike and we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the colourful bikes. Mika and I decided to test-ride them. I hadn't ridden a bike in ages so I was a bit wobbly but it was still so much fun! Made us all want bikes...

Afterwards they took me to this cafe they discovered before (but was closed) and luckily it was open!

Remy & Lee's cafe
547 Bourke street
Surry Hills, Australia 2010.

I had a skim latte and macarons. The macarons were amazing. One was salted peanut butter & caramel and the other was strawberries. So crunchy, fluffy, and sweet!

Straight after, we walked down to Bourke St bakery and bought another sweet thing to munch on. Hehe. Should be more careful with my sugar intake...

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